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CAPBT members are not just animal behaviourists and trainers. Members apply their knowledge to a wide range of animal related services.

Whether you need a house sitter, dog walker or groomer; all CAPBT members will use the EMRA™/ MHERAand ESTAtechniques to ensure your pet’s emotional wellbeing.


MHERA™ is an approach that has been developed by COAPE that provides a practical framework that allows the behaviourist to evaluate what is really going on with an animal, considering their emotional life and the role it plays in their behaviour. It is not a rigid formula or recipe, but a fluid assessment tool that takes an individual’s uniqueness into consideration. MHERA™ (and the treatment protocol ESTA™). 


MHERA/EMRA stands for Hedonic, Emotional, Mood State and Reinforcement Assessment which:


  • Asses how your pet feels and behaves generally*.
  • Tracks your pets daily activities and their impact on mood.
  • Asses your pets emotional experiences at the time the problem is being obsserved.
  • Assesses exactly which factors, external and internal, are maintaining the behaviour problem, often in spite of many varied attempts ro remove it.





* The fifth Tenet (cognitive bias) forms part of the Mood State Assessment.