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COAPE Pet Behaviourists and Trainers are fully trained, qualified and insured and looking forward to helping you with your pet behaviour and training problems. We can help you with
CAPBT members are fully qualified and insured behaviourists and trainers..........>more

What happens at a behaviour consultation?
Consultations are held on an appointment basis, either at one of the behaviourist’s regular clinics or in your own home..... >more

Code of Practice....all CAPBT members follow our code of practice....>more

Find a Local Behaviourist and Trainer: There are CAPBT dog trainers, canine behaviourists and pet behaviourists throughout the UK, Eire, and in various locations around the world.

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Veterinary Information : CAPBT members work in close co-operation with your veterinary practice and keep them informed of progress and developments throughout.

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Do you want to be a pet behaviourist? .....More information of courses offered by COAPE behaviour education courses from Foundation to Diploma level and beyond.

Animal Welfare and the Law : COAPE keeps constantly abreast of current thinking in animal welfare and changes in animal protection law and how this affects pets and their owners. Please click the link below to find more about



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